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Welcome! (2023)

The London Scavenger Hunt is now official and going ahead!

📆 Saturday, May 27 2023
🕛 Starting time: 1200
🕔 Deadline: 1700
🗺 Starting Location: That's up to you
📌 Finishing Location: A bar in Liverpool Street

The game is simple, on the day I will provide everybody with a list of things to scavenge for around London. Each item on the hunt will be worth a varying number of points, you and your team will need to collect objects, solve clues, take photos, and answer questions, the team with the most points by the deadline will be crowned as the winners 🏆

There will be a prize for winners, and hopefully some fun gag prizes for other teams as well. I will announce these at a later date 🎁

Decide on your teams (max 4 people) amongst yourselves and message me with who you're working with; let me know if you need an exception made 👥👥

We've got a floor at a bar in Liverpool Street where we'll finish with a party, I will announce the winners, and hand out prizes, as well as go over the best (and worst) submissions of the day. We'll also provide some food 🍕 and drink on arrival 🍻

Don't forget to checkout the Frequently Asked Questions!