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Game Day Rules (2023)

The hunt is on! You have until 5pm today to submit your photographs to me via your team’s group chat.

Keep an eye on the main group chat, as throughout the day there will be spot questions and tasks, for you to earn extra points. You can ask for help throughout the day whenever you like, I can tell you if your submission “counts” or not, but won’t tell you where to find things

  1. Every photo submission must include at least 1 member of your team, some photos require your entire group, they are in their own section
  2. No cheating!
  3. You can resubmit things as much as you like in case you produce better answers, but each item can only count for points once
  4. You can be creative with some of your answers, but there is a limit to the "imagination” that I will accept
  5. I will award Bonus points for flair
  6. I will subtract points for going against the spirit of the competition