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Recap Party Details (2023)

Have fun today everyone!

The hunt is on! You have until 5pm today 2023-05-27 to submit your photographs to me via your team’s group chat.

Keep an eye on the main group chat, as throughout the day there will be spot questions and tasks, for you to earn extra points. You can ask for help throughout the day whenever you like, I can tell you if your submission “counts” or not, but won’t tell you where to find things

See everyone afterwards for drinks and prizes!

The Loft @ Be At One - Liverpool Street 45 Old Broad St, London EC2N 1HU Google Maps Link


  • Bring your ID 🛂

Arrive anytime from 1730 onwards, feel free to take your time and have food or get changed, there's no rush I'm scheduling some pizza to arrive for 1830 🍕