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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I register my team?
A. Just message me directly, with your members and team name. I'll add you all to the teams page when I know who you are!

Q. How many to a team?
A. 4 is max, message me if you need an exception but I will detract points for extra players.

Q. Can you help me find teammates?
A. Yes! Just let me know and I'll help anybody who hasn't got a full team to get involved

Q. Can I invite somebody?
A. Yes ✅ As long as every team has somebody in it I know then that's fine.

Q. I can't come to the party, can I still do the hunt?
A. Yes of course, the hunt should be the funnest part - but you might miss out on prizes in the evening.

Q. Is it free?
A. Yes! I don't want to charge anybody for this - I need emotional buy in, not cash.

Last year a lot of you offered to contribute something towards the challenge. If you feel like giving; the Mermaids charity is a fantastic organisation which works with gender diverse youth and they could absolutely do with your support

Q. Where is the party?
A. TBC 2024.
Last year it was at Be At One in Liverpool Street.

Q. What are the prizes?
A. TBC 2024.
Last year first place recieved framed artwork of their team photo submission!
Drawn by Sian Tattoos

Q. Any tips?
A. Create a group chat with your team members it'll help you coordinate and keep track of what you've done.
A. Some objectives will be harder to achieve than others, weigh up the points they're worth against how hard it'll be to get them.

Q. Which team will you be on?
A. Last year I was coordinating the game, responding to questions, tallying team's points, and giving out spot clues from the safety of Burke's Warehouse. Who knows what I'll be doing this time round.